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( Apr. 19th, 2009 01:32 pm) actually a misnomer, as this is really my first laptop.    Very pretty Dell Studio something-or-other.   I'm figuring it out right now.  

 Several things are becoming clear:
*I am a luddite
*I have really poor keyboard skills
*change is difficult
*this laptop needs some games...

It's all good though.  I'm figuring things out, even though I am on a very gradual learning curve (figuring out how to highlight/select words, for was pretty comical).   I bought a wireless...thingie for the cable modem, so we are wireless in the house now.

My old Adobe Photoshop program won't work with Vista though, so it looks like I'll need a new Photoshop program.  :-/  Any Vista users out there with suggestions?

Meanwhile, the pressing question of the day is; how to keep the kitty off the keyboard when sitting on the sofa with your laptop on your...lap.  Also, dog hair.  Also, I'm distracted by the TV.  Change really is difficult! 

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