I weighed the value of "the surpise" against the value of public display, & display won out.  Forgive my exhibitionist's heart...

Tiny perfect dragon, heading out to [livejournal.com profile] rumdiculous  today.    She sent me some awesome CDs...not things I'd normally think to buy so I love them (The Corr's CD is especially cute and cheerful).  I've known Rumi so long...I couldn't believe she didn't have one of my dragon keychains.  So, I thought I'd make her a special one.  Consider yourself in an elite group, my dear (along with my favorite Ninja Fisherman, who will become a dad again sometime this June...congratulations Nagano-san!).

I am completely recovered from whatever the heck I had last week.  It's amazing how fast I heal, lately.  The last of the cold weather (i hope i hope!) moves out today; by the weekend it's BANG! Summer here again.  That's how it happens here; the seasons toy with me & then suddenly one day it's 80 degrees just like that.  Temps in the 40's this week, but in the 70's and 80's next week with thunderstorms forecast every day.

I love thunderstorms (as long as I'm not flying in 'em).   So, looking forward to that.

In other news, I am simply in love with U2's new song "Magificent".  I saw them at the beginning of their career in '82.  I was younger than Char.  They played at Shea's Theater in downtown Buffalo to maybe a thousand of us...it was glorious.  They'll be up in Toronto for two shows this September.  I really really REALLY want to see them again, but I think all the dates are sold out already.  :-(    If anyone out there (say...anyone I'm related to, for instance) wanted to get me a ticket for my birthday, I'd probably die from happy.


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