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( May. 13th, 2009 01:19 pm)
The weather has been lovely this week, and I find I'm having a hard time juggling my obligation to do housework with my desire to be outside in this beautiful weather.  Also, there's all the masks that need to be made.  Thunderstorms tomorrow will be a blessing as it will remove the temptation to take off on my bike for the day.

Meanwhile, I made a new one of these:

Another Persian mask in green.  I have big plans to design a new mask, too.  One shaped like this mask:

...but with the Persian designs all over it.  Black outline, gold mosque patterns, brown and I think burgundy on the first one I make.  It's going to be pretty cool; a "Persian Raven".

Mask musings, Sasuke musings, rugby today... )
Anyway, I better eat lunch and mail my packages so I can be ready for the game.  Must cheer from the sidelines like a proper rugby mom!  Hope you are all having a lovely day.  ^_^ 

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