Back from West Virginia, which will forevermore be known as Left Virginia.  Just go look at a map.

I got the rose in the mail today, 

[personal profile] smillaraaq!  It's very pretty & perfectly in time for mother's day.  Your thingy will be in the mail soon (still working on it).  :-)

That's about it.  I'm going to dive into Twilight Princess tonight, I think.   It's the only game I can imagine that might soothe my broken heart after Okami (damn...I wish there was a sequel!)


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( Oct. 4th, 2006 11:47 pm)
Huh.   *scratching head*    Did anyone watch "Lost" tonight?


Is it just me or does anyone else suspect the writers have NO clue where they're going with this ongoing saga from season to season?  And perhaps they never have?   It's like "The Village" meets "Hot Chicks From Cell Block D" meets "Flowers For Algernon" meets "The Deerhunter" meets "PeeWee's Big Adventure" meets "Castaway" meets "Beyond Thunderdome"...

It's just all over the place.  And the fanservice is blatant.  Sawyer in a cage (News flash!  Beefcake behind bars!  Story at six!), Kate cleans up and dresses like a girl,  Jack has trust issues (aww!) but he's trying real hard (aww!)...SPARE me.  I feel manipulated.  *pout*

Plus, no Sayid!  I call no fair.

In other news I bought the cutest outfit today.  Going to a wedding this weekend (and another in San Francisco next month) so I got these adorable black gaucho-style slacks and a pretty frilly blue paisley top to go with.  Very classy.  :-)  Even got some high heels to go with!   So there!  *kicks alter ego Frumpy McSportswear right in the ass*

I also bought a cute black tunic with little embroidered flowers all over it to wear to the Hockey game on Friday.  Go Sabres!

Back to work.  The eBay auctions are working in the most enfuriating, perverse way.  I'm not selling anything on eBay, but the auctions get a ton of watchers and generate a ton of custom orders...go figger.  *shrug*

And!  If Okami doesn't get here soon I'm going to gnaw my thumbs off in frustration.   I'm playing innocuous little "filler" games while waiting for Okami to arrive.  I've already beaten "Mario Sunshine" and played both "Pikmin" and "Pikmin 2" to death.  Last night after I got good and sick of Tetris (I'm up at level 27, people) I actually plugged in and played "Pokemon Puzzle".  Shoot me.  Please.


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