*sigh*  What a dirty trick...Adult Swim changed their lineup & I missed Bleach AND Death Note.  Grr.  Now I'll have to stay up untl two thirty in the morning to catch the reruns.  Poo.

I probably was going to be up that late anyway.  I'm REALLY struggling with this Rumors order.  It's like I'm utterly intimidated by my own masks.  I'm working on the Frost Dragon & the Fire Dragon & I can't remember at ALL how I built the darn things in the first place.  Good thing I have patterns & took pictures.  Even so, I'm looking at all the pieces & wondering how the heck I did it the first time.  Very frustrating.  That happens to me sometimes & for a moment I understand how people feel when they see my work & say "How do you MAKE these??"  Right now I don't know how I make these...I'm rather flummoxed.  

It'll pass.  It always does.  The only way past it is to work right through it.

Feeling better, but weak.  I went to a craft store to pick up glue (for these massive dragons) & ribbon & other supplies.  Afterwards, we went to Pannera's for soup & salad.  I started getting SO tired in Pannera's, & when I got home I had to take a long nap.  I'm a delicate flower.

Ok...back to work.
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( Jan. 4th, 2008 08:13 am)

Anyway...I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet & calling/leaving messages for me yesterday.  I'm SO sorry if I made anyone worry.  I was honestly pretty scared & the pain was really bad...otherwise I wouldn't have made a fuss.  *hug*  You guys are too kind to me.

 Whew.  It's been a tumultuous fifty-two weeks.  Aside from 2001 (the year my Dad died & the towers fell) I can't remember a more dramatic year.

All in all, even though I've had some really serious disasters befall me (on a personal level), I feel like this year I handled myself pretty well.  I guess, if you live long enough, you'll run into difficulty sooner or later.  It's how you handle that difficulty that shows the strength of your character.  I feel like I don't have anything to be embarrassed about, in 2007.

But oh!!  I really hope 2008 will go a bit easier on me!!

Yeah, that Lockport Art and Craft Show that I did over the weekend...kind of a bust.  Having never done it before, I saw the "A" word and thought "hmm!".  But really, it was mostly the "C" word there.   Lots and lots of stuff painted with cow spots, doll clothes, silk flowers, and wooden signs ("Welcome to our 'ool'...notice that there isn't any 'P' in it?")  *shrug*  Oh well.  It was a lovely weekend and I did ok I guess.  Besides...look!

I won a prize!



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