Okay, so.   The computer crisis is averted for now.  That is a good thing.  It's a lovely day again, which is another good thing.  My daffodils are blooming beautifully.  Here, have some flowers:

I just took this picture...didn't even have to mess with the colors in Photoshop 'cause it was perfect just the way it was.   The daffodils are all over the front yard. 

So yeah...trying hard to calm down & be nicer, since it is SO beautiful today & my computer is limping along again in the usual way & yep.  I hate leaving a bitchy post as my "last word".

In other news; in light of my soul-searching entry regarding the value of my work (is it art or is it craft?), the fact that I spent the entire weekend making these barrettes is really very amusing.

Hahahaha!  I crack myself up.  Seriously, next time I get all "Woe!  I am a hack!", please, one of you just say


and gently remind me that I am a whore.  An artistic, crafty whore but a whore nonetheless.  The ginkgo ones are new and cute though...no?

I just plopped 'em up on my Etsy site


If the wind would just stop blowing so hard, I'd go for a nice long bike ride & calm the heck down, & everything would be just FINE.

*le sigh*

EDIT:  The wind, she has stopped!  As if a prayer has been answered.  My own little meteorological miracle.  So I'm off, for a bike ride, maybe two.  Try & stop me!

From: [identity profile] zannachan.livejournal.com

Hair jewelry is art! :D I love the new ginko leaves. I need another barrette probably like I need a hole in the head, but I desperately want those. Ginkos and maples are my favorite kinds of leaves.

I'm glad that your computer is working again! A non-working computer is one of the biggest stressors for me--I'm so dependent on them and when they don't work I feel just hopeless. And I don't even make money from my work!

I hope you were able to get out today. It is terribly windy. I was inside packing again and had all the windows open because it was too nice outside not to--and if they windows were shut, it got quickly very very hot inside. But the wind was terrible! It was blowing all sorts of things around--not just paper, but including empty boxes and paperbacks!

From: [identity profile] merimask.livejournal.com

Ginkgo leaves are so easy to carve but so elegant. I like doing them...it's very zen-like to try to get the carving perfectly uniform.

The weather is up & down, with cold fronts moving through. It was almost 90 yesterday, then in the 40s on Tuesday, then back to the 60s (which is my favorite biking temp anyway). Means we get a lot of wind. :-/

I hope your moving day (days?) are peaceful, anyway! Nothing worse than trying to move boxes & furniture when it's raining.

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