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( May. 8th, 2007 03:07 am)
Been busy!  Very busy, in spite of the Siren Song of my Wii.

First off; Kiba loves you all.  A gratuitous picture of my's been a few weeks since he's made an appearance in my journal.

He loves my Mom's yard.  I've been house-sitting for her and her yard is HUGE, and full of bunnies.  So, Kiba patrols happily.  Also, everyone has chain-link that you can see through and everyone has dogs, so Kiba gets a kick out of scoping out the neighbors' puppies (he's checking out the cute beagle two yards over...she's such a tease!).

So there!  I DO have a life beyond my Wii.  *muttermutter*

*smooch*  Love you all.  I'll post pics of that Kirin in a few days.


Back from West Virginia, which will forevermore be known as Left Virginia.  Just go look at a map.

I got the rose in the mail today, 

[personal profile] smillaraaq!  It's very pretty & perfectly in time for mother's day.  Your thingy will be in the mail soon (still working on it).  :-)

That's about it.  I'm going to dive into Twilight Princess tonight, I think.   It's the only game I can imagine that might soothe my broken heart after Okami (damn...I wish there was a sequel!)


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( Apr. 26th, 2007 12:21 pm)

Well, we have the Wii and it is neato keen.  It's amazing how sensitive that thing is!  Haven't had time to do more than noodle around with WiiSports but that's ok, as I'm getting ready to do an SCA event in West Virginia and I don't have time to dive into Zelda.

Hilarious side note:  The Wii and my dog do NOT mix.  Kiba is a husky, and those guys are ultra-sensitive to physical cues.  When he came trotting into the room while I was in the middle of playing WiiSports Boxing...he freaked right out.  Couldn't figure out why I was excited and jabbing at the air violently, but he figured it meant it was a dog game and began leaping and scrabbling like a monkey at every jab.  Eventually it ended up with me laughing on the floor as he ran tear-assing all over the house.   I'm...not sure how we'll ever be able to play with him in the room.   He just doesn't get it.

Sabres won their first game against the Rangers in the semi finals.  It was a tough, exciting game.  Next one's on Friday...I hope they do ok.

I'm doing an SCA event this weekend, in West Virginia.  My buddy

[profile] rumdiculous might be there!  Oh, I hope so.   She's been my dearest LJ pal, practically from the beginning.  :-)

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] moonphased!   *smooch*  Something cool is in the mail.

That's all I have.  *back to packing for trip*


Okay, first of all I have to say that [personal profile] moonphased  is a sweetie.  She completely surprised me today by sending me the coolest thing; an Inuyasha omamori!  It's a Shinto charm...a little silk bag with a sutra sealed inside.  Now, I've seen omamori before, but never an IY omamori which is SO COOL because that is almost certainly something I could never find at any anime store in this country.  It has a place of honor in my purse now, because I need all the good luck I can get!  *smooch*  Thank you, dear.  :-)    By the way, Kuro folds the teeniest little origami crane I've ever's perfect!  I can make a crane that small, but it always gets messed up and the beak ends up looking more like a duck bill.  Hers is flawless.

So!   Nerdgirl Okami fan art.

And of course, Waka.  Because he's the gods' gift to mankind, y'know.

Heh.  Just a few silly sketches I did this afternoon while i was killing time waiting for stuff to load onto my freaking computer.  Every time I see one of those happy fun Time Warner cable commercials I want to put my fist through the TV set.  >:-(

Back to work!  I have a bunch of orders to make and I've procrastinated long enough.
Yeah, I'm officially old.  Old old McOld.  S'ok though because IMO I'm still fun.   PLUS tonight my hair is  awesome  and magic just like it was in the old days, and I think that's just fine.  :-)


Anyhoo that's about all that's going on right now.  The wind is screaming outside (seriously.  Gusts of 60+ mph) and I'm worried that more branches might come down.  That storm we had over two weeks ago weakened the trees so badly that there's a good possiblity that we might lose power again, which would really suck.  :-/

*keeping fingers crossed and candles nearby*

I had waaay too much fun making these.  Greg says they look like cel-shaded masks, which is exactly what I was going for.

Ammy!  Whee!  I wanted to capture the swirly brush-strokes in those wing patterns.  I know the game-version has a simpler face, but I just had to include those wing elements because they look SO cool.

See?  Fun fun.  :-)

Anyhoo, that's what I've been making for the last couple of days.

In other news; I know now without a shadow of doubt that I am old, because I am VERY excited about the new king-size bed we're supposed to get this weekend.  SO happy.  :-)  Though I've been warned that when you get the king size bed you quit snuggling with the significant other...I guess it's a common phenomenon.  All you get is a sprawly leg-touch and that's it.  More than one person has warned me about this.  I'm willing to lose the occasional snuggle in exchange for the ability to reclaim my territory.  Greg is a horrible pillow-stealing sprawler, so I'm thinkin' a little extra room won't hurt.  :-)

And (I'm afraid to announce it, in fear of jinxing the situation further) we should close on the house this Friday.  Finally.  I hope.  Thwarted in August by a sump inspection certificate, in September by a title search, and in October by a freak storm that shut down the entire region for two weeks.  Crap!   Guess we'll see.  If the entire state of New York suddenly implodes in a flaming ball of doom, you'll know it's just 'cause I was getting a little too close to actually closing on this house.

So wish me luck.   Next time I yap at you I should be a home owner.  Again.  Maybe.
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( Oct. 21st, 2006 01:08 pm)
Okay, normally when I take an order for custom colors on one of my masks, I cringe.  But this one turned out kinda pretty.

Just gray and white, she said.  It's stark but I like it!

Also, I made a mask of the fox-demon-lady in Okami.  It's just a variation on my existing Kyogen theater Kitsune mask but I like it better.  Drama!

I did it in black too, just to see what it'd look like.


Still working on Ammy.  I'm making a few 'cause I think they'll be HUGE at Icon this year.
First of all, the lovely and talented [profile] pzb  sent me a much appreciated birthday gift; this lovely print.  She's an amazing artist and I LOVE this piece.  I'm getting it framed tomorrow.  *big smooch*  Hon, you don't know how much this cheered me up.  :-)  AND it's the perfect house warming gift!

Second of all, I finished Okami last night and I am bereft.  BEREFT. 
Third of all, I made masks and they are pretty cool.  I did two versions of the fox demon from Okami, a new GreenMan, and a custom colored wolf.  Sometimes people request really ugly customizations of masks (and I have to talk them out of it 'cause I don't do ugly!), but this turned out so pretty I might just do it again.  Pictures will be taken tomorrow.

Fourth; pictures of the aftermath of last Thursday's snow storm.

I could have taken more pics but I was trying to respect the home owners by not actually snapping pictures of their caved-in porches and roofs.  Trust me when I say that these are utterly typical pictures.  Everyone who lives in this county has damaged trees just like this or's a mess here.
Okay, here's how big a geek I am.  I'm playing Okami, and in the middle of a battle with a fox-faced demon I paused the screen to do a sketch for a mask.   It's a neat variation of the traditional Kyogen kitsune masks (one of which I made for [profile] moko_moko because she gave me the idea).  I just used my old pattern, but carved different designs.  

Anyway I just finished carving them and boy are they cute!  I am a huge freakity McGeekburger, and that's a fact.


Ok, back to work.  I made myself a promise that I'd fit a solid night of work into my schedule,  which is SO freakin' hard because I just reached Oni Island and OMG I have a ton of stuff to do there.

Question;  Are gamer freaks considered "geeks" or "nerds"?   'Cause really I think I'm more of a nerd than a geek.  Hmm.  Semantics.

Also the weather here is crappy.  CRAPPY!   It's supposed to snow tomorrow.  SNOW!   Right now at about midnight-thirty it's almost 65 degrees out there and by the morning we'll be in the mid-thirties.  There's lightning and rain all over the place tonight.  What a mess!  I'm not ready for the white stuff yet. 
Okay!  Just a quick post because HEH!  I am entirely infatuated with my Okami game.

News!:  I am now no longer using dail-up.  We got our high-speed cable hooked up on Friday.  I'm utterly freaked by it all.  I mean, I had some seriously ingrained coping mechanisms for all the waiting around I used to do.   Now it's "click, BOOM" you're there and listening to music or downloading stuff or heck just loading my friend's page takes NO time at all.  Wow.  Freaky.

I am sick.  I caught the cold that everyone has been nursing all week in this house.  They're all better...I feel like I'm going to die.  Fever, itchy goopy throat.  My eyes sting and my nose is just fine except for when it isn't.   Waah.  :-(  I completely missed my friend's wedding which BITES because she's a great person and I had the prettiest outfit to wear...but I thought if I gave everyone my cold they wouldn't appreciate it so I'm utterly housebound.  Which was okay because; see below.

Okami is an evil evil game.  I've had it since Thursday and I've already played over 20 hours of it.  I would say I have no life...

Still and all, great fun!   Now if only I can shake this cold and find my way through the Moon Palace everything will be just perfect.  :-)
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( Oct. 6th, 2006 06:07 am)
Okami finally got here today!   I am in a hundred different kinds of love with this video game. :-)

And I am SO making an Amaterasu mask.  :-)  Oh yes.  *nodnod*

My own "wolf pup" Kiba (heh...okay so he's a husky...but you know that I love his wolfy looks) and I have been going for long walks on Grand Island lately.  Because of my health problems I haven't been able to go for my long bike rides, which sucks but 15 to 20 miles on a bike just hurts too much right now *pout*.  Still, we have a big park with a lovely sandy beach on Grand Island and now that summer's over the place is pretty much deserted, so Keebs and I have been hitting it pretty regularly.  He LOVES the beach.  He runs wild around me in big circles and scares all the gulls and snuffles sand up his nose and generally has a wonderful time.   Even if I can't ride my bike, it lifts my mood to see him pelting across the sand like a wild thing.  

It's just as well that I can't ride right now...the trails are dangerous.   There's a serial rapist/murderer who's been stalking the bike paths that I love (and use regularly) for the last ten years or so...and he seems to be on an upswing again.  He killed some poor woman just last weekend on one of the trails, and it's just another good reason for me to keep the Kibinator close by for now.  Scary stuff.
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( Oct. 4th, 2006 11:47 pm)
Huh.   *scratching head*    Did anyone watch "Lost" tonight?


Is it just me or does anyone else suspect the writers have NO clue where they're going with this ongoing saga from season to season?  And perhaps they never have?   It's like "The Village" meets "Hot Chicks From Cell Block D" meets "Flowers For Algernon" meets "The Deerhunter" meets "PeeWee's Big Adventure" meets "Castaway" meets "Beyond Thunderdome"...

It's just all over the place.  And the fanservice is blatant.  Sawyer in a cage (News flash!  Beefcake behind bars!  Story at six!), Kate cleans up and dresses like a girl,  Jack has trust issues (aww!) but he's trying real hard (aww!)...SPARE me.  I feel manipulated.  *pout*

Plus, no Sayid!  I call no fair.

In other news I bought the cutest outfit today.  Going to a wedding this weekend (and another in San Francisco next month) so I got these adorable black gaucho-style slacks and a pretty frilly blue paisley top to go with.  Very classy.  :-)  Even got some high heels to go with!   So there!  *kicks alter ego Frumpy McSportswear right in the ass*

I also bought a cute black tunic with little embroidered flowers all over it to wear to the Hockey game on Friday.  Go Sabres!

Back to work.  The eBay auctions are working in the most enfuriating, perverse way.  I'm not selling anything on eBay, but the auctions get a ton of watchers and generate a ton of custom orders...go figger.  *shrug*

And!  If Okami doesn't get here soon I'm going to gnaw my thumbs off in frustration.   I'm playing innocuous little "filler" games while waiting for Okami to arrive.  I've already beaten "Mario Sunshine" and played both "Pikmin" and "Pikmin 2" to death.  Last night after I got good and sick of Tetris (I'm up at level 27, people) I actually plugged in and played "Pokemon Puzzle".  Shoot me.  Please.