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( Jan. 4th, 2008 08:13 am)

Anyway...I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet & calling/leaving messages for me yesterday.  I'm SO sorry if I made anyone worry.  I was honestly pretty scared & the pain was really bad...otherwise I wouldn't have made a fuss.  *hug*  You guys are too kind to me.

 Whew.  It's been a tumultuous fifty-two weeks.  Aside from 2001 (the year my Dad died & the towers fell) I can't remember a more dramatic year.

All in all, even though I've had some really serious disasters befall me (on a personal level), I feel like this year I handled myself pretty well.  I guess, if you live long enough, you'll run into difficulty sooner or later.  It's how you handle that difficulty that shows the strength of your character.  I feel like I don't have anything to be embarrassed about, in 2007.

But oh!!  I really hope 2008 will go a bit easier on me!!

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( Jun. 11th, 2007 01:47 pm)

Back from my trip to Las Vegas.   As soon as I landed in Buffalo I wanted to turn around and do it again.

From the top:

There is SO much more, but this is just my blog and not Better Homes And Gardens. 

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( May. 15th, 2007 02:55 am)
So, for Mother's Day I did what I always do, which is go for a nice long bike ride.  Char came along and many pictures were taken, because it was a trail we'd never been on before and the day was beautiful.   She took this one:

Hmm!  Maybe I will pay for her to major in photography in college, after all.  ;-).

Really, all in all, a VERY good Mother's Day weekend.

And as if all that isn't wonderful enough, every night I have a date with my favorite guy.    Damn you, Link!  You're distracting me from my work!!

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( Dec. 19th, 2006 03:19 pm)
I'm baking Mom's birthday cake.  It smells awesome and it's making me hungry!

So, thank you to everyone who was very clever and sweet and gave me exactly what I wanted in my Xmas stocking...(seriously, [personal profile] moonphased, I would LOVE a Celestial Brush because I'd just run around painting sunny skies and "blooming" everything in sight!  Everything is cold and grey here, now.).  The funniest, though, came from my brother John, who gave me "eye-safe perfume".

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( Dec. 14th, 2006 11:32 pm)
Haha...oh holy chirping chiapets, people.  You won't believe what FINALLY appeared in my e-mail box yesterday.   Yep, the purchase order from Cirque du Soleil for the rights to reproduce this mask:

I told [profile] rumdiculous that I'd have been less surprised if my neighbor's lawn gnome came walking through my front door looking for a cup of coffee.

*smooch*  You're all so wonderful!  Feels awesome to share good news with good people.  :-)
OMG I have to re-do this ENTIRE entry because I did something that angered the LJ gods and I lost the whole freaking thing just as I was finishing it...and I didn't copy or save it or anything.  Arrrrgh!  I hope you all know how much I love you...

So!  Anyway!  I've had a terribly busy weekend.  I decided to attend a very small local SCA event,  primarily so I'd have something to do on Saturday.  I was hoping to have a good time hanging out with friends (which I did) and maybe make a few bucks so I could do some much-needed Christmas shopping.  To my surprise, I ended up selling a lot of really nice stuff (among other things, the Amaterasu mask and one of my new ribbon masks).  I brought little low-cost things like pins and prints, that I figured would be good impulse gift purchases, and instead I was running cards all day for big ticket items...woo!

I was very pleased with myself, by the way, because I had the foresight to bring a cute little bento box full of sushi for my lunch.   I found out it's absolutely the perfect food item to have on hand during a bustling busy event.  If you get swamped with orders or customers and you have to pause, it's ok because it's supposed to be cold!  :-)  Also, it's compact, neat, and you can impress the hell out of folks with your mad chopstick skills.   Hee!  It turns out a lot of my friends are into sushi too (who knew?  Not me.), so now I have a number of pending lunch dates...and the only thing better than sushi is sushi with friends. 

So, y'know, color me happy.  :-) 

So now the tree is up and decorated, the lights are on the shrubs out front (little white net lights...very tasteful), and the flag has been changed from "fall leaves" to "winter snowflake".   It's beginning to look a lot like...well, you know.   ;-)
Woo!  The wind is flipping HOWLING tonight!  Sounds like an express train roaring past my house.  The eaves are creaking and the lights are flickering, but I'm toasty and cozy with a cheap shiraz at hand and a funny fun meme to occupy my mind, courtesy of [personal profile] moonphased.  Here goes...

A meme!  )
Bwahaha!   There's my list!   :-)

 A few notes:

-I have new art stuff to show off, but this cold front is screaming "You do NOT want to even TRY to come out here and photograph something right now...I'll blow your masks away and freeze your flipping fingers off!".   So maybe later. 

-The Sabres SO ROCK.  The game against the Rangers tonight...wooo!    

-My husband is a fine fine person.   He brought me movies, chocolate (Dove ice cream...oh my), and cheap wine tonight.  On such a cold windy night, is there anything finer?   Well yeah, but I can't go there 'cause I think my daughter reads my journal now...

-Battlestar Galactica...the SciFi channel series.  OMG that series is pure gold.  I love every minute of every episode.  The character development and the writing are so mature and compelling.  If you haven't seen it yet, go rent the first few seasons...TOTALLY worth sitting down and watching. 

- My brother and his girlfriend are going to see the Barenaked Ladies in Vegas tonight.  But I'm so pleased with my Sabres and my chocolate and my cheap wine that I don't even feel a BIT jealous!   Life is funny, sometimes.

And that's about it for now.   See how much I love you all?    I spent a chunk of my Saturday night yapping here in LJ, just because I care.  :-) 

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( Nov. 16th, 2006 03:36 pm)
I haven't slept much this week and here's why...

Random sharing of personal case I die in a flaming ball of airplane doom tomorrow. 

Ahh...I KNOW I had more crap to babble about but I'm tired and I have a ton of stuff to do today.  Quick shout-out to [profile] rumdiculous, who'll be back online soon, I hope.  :-)     Damn, girl!  I miss our chats!
Okay, this has been KILLING me.  My brother gave me permission to post this picture.   Remember when I said he was in Belgium a few months ago, working on a super-secret project?  Here's who he was working with.

That's John, STING, and Franco Dragone.

Yeah, I was all HOLY CRAP NO WAY!   John e-mailed it to me with only the words "...pick out your brother in this picture."  He's funny like that.

As a child of the 80's, I find it incredibly wrong that my brother looks better than Sting.  It hurts me, some place deep inside where Duran Duran still rules my internal airwaves and the MTV rocket takes off over and over for eternity, and I look pretty in pink.

*bemused sigh*

Here is a link to my brother's website.  Funny thing #1:  My brother tends to draw his girlfriends/wives/significant others as "characters" and so he's gone through distinctive phases that I call his "Jesse period" or his "Janine period".  He's in a Kari period right now...that girl on the home page looks a lot like his current squeeze (she's awful cute).  'Cept, she doesn't have pink hair.  Or stripes.  Still though, you can chart his social life through his art.  I wonder if he knows he does that?  :-)

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Franco Dragone.  He's a fascinating guy.  I haven't met him personally, but John's told me some great stories.  I made this mask for him (a gift that John commissioned) last year, and (this is why I've been thinking about John and Franco and stuff) I'm making a copy of it to show to the director of Lahaina Gallery in San Francisco next week.  My mom in law did the most amazing thing by getting me this interview, and I'm a tad (okay, a LOT) nervous about it.  Check out the link anyway and tell me what you think.   think this place could really carry my work because it has 3-d sculpture as well as traditional wall art, and a really funky eclectic style.  We'll see, we'll see.  *crossing fingers*

I'm working on a second "wow" mask...something in the same vein as the Dragone mask but ...impossible to describe, I'll just have to show you all when it's done.  Celestial theme (sun and moon) but heavily influenced by Art Nouveau and Japanese woodcuts.  See?  Hard to describe.

Busy busy.  My hands ache!  Totally blue-skying right now, but wouldn't it be incredibly awesome if I actually "made it"?  I've been so close SO many times...I can taste it.
OMG I have a GIGANTIC BED NOW and it is incredible.

Haha!  Blackmail Halloween photos!

Pictures! )
Also...who was it on my F-list who said that I was going to Loooove the high speed cable...but if I ever lost it for some reason it would really SUCK?  Because haha!  You're right!  Screw you, Time Warner...screw you and your craptacular cable modem that is blinking and winking and not working.  Arggggh!  Dial up again...nooooo!   I have lost my coping skills and I'm just sitting here fidgeting and frothing while I wait for photobucket to load three lousy pictures and it took almost TEN MINUTES and I'll never get those minutes back...*sob*

Anyway, it's a good thing we kept the option to retain the dial-up link or we'd be SOL until some time next week, when Time Warner gets around to giving us a new craptastic modem.  *sigh*  Greg's looking into buying our own, today.  Deliver us from evil cable conglomerates and their crappy hardware, Best Buy!  *praying*
Yeah, I'm officially old.  Old old McOld.  S'ok though because IMO I'm still fun.   PLUS tonight my hair is  awesome  and magic just like it was in the old days, and I think that's just fine.  :-)


Anyhoo that's about all that's going on right now.  The wind is screaming outside (seriously.  Gusts of 60+ mph) and I'm worried that more branches might come down.  That storm we had over two weeks ago weakened the trees so badly that there's a good possiblity that we might lose power again, which would really suck.  :-/

*keeping fingers crossed and candles nearby*
First of all, the lovely and talented [profile] pzb  sent me a much appreciated birthday gift; this lovely print.  She's an amazing artist and I LOVE this piece.  I'm getting it framed tomorrow.  *big smooch*  Hon, you don't know how much this cheered me up.  :-)  AND it's the perfect house warming gift!

Second of all, I finished Okami last night and I am bereft.  BEREFT. 
Third of all, I made masks and they are pretty cool.  I did two versions of the fox demon from Okami, a new GreenMan, and a custom colored wolf.  Sometimes people request really ugly customizations of masks (and I have to talk them out of it 'cause I don't do ugly!), but this turned out so pretty I might just do it again.  Pictures will be taken tomorrow.

Fourth; pictures of the aftermath of last Thursday's snow storm.

I could have taken more pics but I was trying to respect the home owners by not actually snapping pictures of their caved-in porches and roofs.  Trust me when I say that these are utterly typical pictures.  Everyone who lives in this county has damaged trees just like this or's a mess here.
OMG people...

My power went back on today around 3 in the afternoon.  I have my cable hookup in the bedroom computer but, curiously, not in the livingroom (where the TV "Heroes" tonight I guess)...other than that everything is ok once again but WOW...what a crappy time everyone here has had.

Anyway, we're ok but I'm exhausted.  Between the storm scaring the crap out of me and saving my tree and keeping the basement dry and most of all freezing my ASS off, I haven't slept much.  Also, I'm really sad about the trees.  This is the most lovely time of year.  The trees were just starting to change.  Now they're ripped up...the streets are piled ten feet high in debris.   All my bike trails are blocked by tree stuff, and who wants to look at torn tree scenery anyway?  It's so depressing.  Sleep will help I know...but right now I just feel like crying.

Plus, we didn't get to the closing.  Heh.  So our sad little tree-deprived house is STILL not ours.  *sigh*

*needs a hug* 

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( Oct. 15th, 2006 06:12 pm)
This is going to be short because I'm on Char's laptop and she only has about 2 hours of power left on it. We still have no electric, though the phones are working.

That storm turned out to be a disastrous event. About an hour after I posted on Thursday, there was a terriffic crash and flash, and all the power went out. It's still out and we might get back online on Tuesday...or it could be next week. No telling.

We got 2 feet of heavy wet snow which started when I posted on Thursday and continued through Friday morning. The trees had all their leaves so all that snow utterly destroyed them, it just weighed down the branches til they snapped. Some trees split right down the's heartbreaking. The younger and healthier they were, the more they ripped apart.

We have live lines in the driveway. The sump is being pumped out with an aquarium pump and a couple of D batteries (hilarious story...I'll expound later),so we have a dry basement still. Some people on the street have a few feet of water though.

Char and I took pictures of some of the damage in our neighborhood. Our area was the hardest hit (the snow started here first)
. I'll post them when our power's back. In the meantime we're freezing but otherwise fine.
Okay!  Just a quick post because HEH!  I am entirely infatuated with my Okami game.

News!:  I am now no longer using dail-up.  We got our high-speed cable hooked up on Friday.  I'm utterly freaked by it all.  I mean, I had some seriously ingrained coping mechanisms for all the waiting around I used to do.   Now it's "click, BOOM" you're there and listening to music or downloading stuff or heck just loading my friend's page takes NO time at all.  Wow.  Freaky.

I am sick.  I caught the cold that everyone has been nursing all week in this house.  They're all better...I feel like I'm going to die.  Fever, itchy goopy throat.  My eyes sting and my nose is just fine except for when it isn't.   Waah.  :-(  I completely missed my friend's wedding which BITES because she's a great person and I had the prettiest outfit to wear...but I thought if I gave everyone my cold they wouldn't appreciate it so I'm utterly housebound.  Which was okay because; see below.

Okami is an evil evil game.  I've had it since Thursday and I've already played over 20 hours of it.  I would say I have no life...

Still and all, great fun!   Now if only I can shake this cold and find my way through the Moon Palace everything will be just perfect.  :-)
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( Sep. 24th, 2006 04:49 am)
Hmm.  I had a pleasant Saturday evening date with my husband.  I was informed that we'd do anything that I wanted.    That meant seafood at The Dock At The Bay, movie rental (because I didn't feel like fighting the crowds on a rainy night ), and a slice of cake from The Dessert Deli (they made our wedding cake.   They totally own Amherst...half the town was in that place on a Saturday night paying 5 bucks for a slice of cake and LOVING it).

So we watched Silent Hill (meh  *shrug*  It ain't art, I'll say that much.  Probably would have liked it better if I'd ever played the game), ate cake, got cozy, napped...  All very pleasant.  

Then I wake up because the wind is howling and the rain is falling in buckets, and I decide to check up with my eBay auctions online...and I find e-mail from some friends, informing me that someone we all know died this morning.

She was my age and she was a strange bird prone to bouts of crazy...but she introduced me to anime and she made really great cocoa and even though we clashed sometimes, I always admired her.  She had lovely long red hair and she was a very good fencer.  She bought her first house at 24...quite a feat for a single girl...and lived in it quite nicely, all alone.  She was very smart and very independent...she had great art on the walls.

I knew she was sick...she's had breast cancer for three years, but I didn't know how ill she'd become.  I was going to give her a call and see how she was doing.  

...  I have nothing much more to say.  I'm not exactly devastated or anything...I'm just saddened and feeling my mortality.  She was my age and she's gone, and isn't the world a capricious place?  Lightning strikes or it doesn't.  The lump is just a cyst or maybe a malignant tumor.  There's no telling which way it'll go.   Usually I'm fine with that.  Tonight, I'm hearing the storm at my window and it sounds...close.
Haha...not really.  :-)   Things are okay really, just...annoying.  The lawyer apparently screwed something up in the contract (something complicated and crappy and involving a title search on the house or some such thing) so tomorrow is NOT going to be the day we close on the house.  Grr.  S'okay I guess; Greg said something about it being better to sign everything at the end of the month anyway.  *shrug*  I'm filing it in the "not my problem" category for now.

On a happy note we're heading back up to Toronto on Saturday to check out that amazing Chinese Lantern Festival again before it ends.  Look!  I even found a website here!  It's cool as it has the pictures at night that I failed to take.  Not this time though...I'm armed with a fully charged camera!  F-list be warned; you're about to be bombarded with bright lovely dragons and phoenixes!  According to the site, this is the largest lantern festival outside of Asia...isn't that cool?

This time Greg is going...I really hope he likes it.  We don't get to do much together.  I wish we could travel more often.  

Okay!  That's enough babbling.   I hope to be finishing up mask orders tonight so I can start all my wonderful dragon projects...really looking forward to making those!

I think I need a majic talisman.  Nothing fancy, just something small I can wave at my problems.  Something I can fit in my pocket and hold when I'm havin' a rough day.  A shiny little coping mechanism that'll make me feel better.  I'm still not religious...I just need a little spiritual placebo in the form of some innocuous little bit of wood or stone that I can brandish from time to time.  Juju!  An interesting idea.  S'fun.

Thwarted! )

So, tonight I was bombarded by my TV with images from Sept 11, 2001.  Can't believe it's been five years.  

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( Sep. 7th, 2006 09:37 am)
Grr!   Well, we have a new problem in the basement.  Leaky pipe, yay!  *snarl*  I called the plumber last night when I noticed it (I was going to have to get him here anyway to look at the sump and do whatever he has to do to get it up to code) and he said he'd be here at 8am BUT he called this morning to say...he can't make it here until this afternoon!  Argh!  And I've had three hours of sleep and I'm full of coffee.  Waah!  And everything's going all surreal on me because caffiene + lack of sleep = a weird me.  Woo!  PLUS he's a creepy guy and he flirts with me!  Yick!


Okay, I'm better.


No I'm not.  I'm still in bitch-mode. 

BECAUSE.  My ex-husband is seeing Charlotte this weekend (which he hasn't done in weeks, mind you) and even though he's like two months behind on his child support payments I still have to buy him a birthday present (by which I mean I have to take Char to the store and pay for the present she picks out for him).  And I don't WANT to buy him a birthday present.  But Char really wants to get him something so...   I'll do this thing even though there were birthdays and x-mas's when we were still married when I got NOTHING from him (and he never takes her to buy me anything on my birthday...).  But whatever.  It's what the kid wants and she's stressed about it so...I'll do it.  But I reserve the right to grumble about it here.  *pout*

Okay, now I feel better.  A bit.  Until I have to write that check for the plumbing thing.

*sigh*  Tell me something funny.  I need a laugh.